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Dr. Katina has an incredible way of marrying the neurology with the deepest philosophy of chiropractic. Her understanding of the sacred geometry and experience applying dynamic forces is unparalleled. Having learned from Dr. Katina through various avenues, at playshops, at BGI seminars and in witnessing her magic in practice, my own practice has been expanded.

If you’re interested in working with children, her explanation of the neurologic states of safety and stress, was the most approachable I’ve come across. Her specific teachings with this has changed my pediatric analysis and table side conversations. She is a true embodiment of a heart centered, playful, innate driven vehicle — and it is so evident in her teaching and her touch. Highly recommend taking part in Dr. Katina’s offering of time & willingness to teach.


Dr. Katina’s commitment to people make her not only a masterful skills teacher but a loving personal mentor. Once you have attended one of her classes you will never see Chiropractic, nor life, the same way.

Definitely a must for anyone who wants to evolve as a professional and as a human being.


Dr. Katina  is truly a gift to chiropractic and I highly recommend her seminars and events.  She has an amazing gift of empowering students and chiropractors to feel more deeply, to trust what they are sensing and to have the courage to be free as a healer, artist and chiropractor.  Her ability to connect with the human body is profound. She invites students into her world -  where she brings adjustments to life - showing the body is vibrant and in motion and the adjustments are not one particular point but rather part of a dynamic pattern at work in a person's body and life. 

Dr Katina uses props, laughter, breathing, sounds, movement, dance and anything she comes up with to help her students remember what it feels like to be alive, powerful and free.  I am forever grateful for her presence in my life.  She is a true master of love and chiropractic. 





When it comes to attending A workshop Katina is a must.  Her level of Clarity and heart centered work is truly amazing.  After a weekend workshop my level of healing work was transformational   


Your passion for people is amazing, having met you only once in South Africa but still feeling like I've known you for a lifetime. Your advices on my personal wellness and my small business keep me going. You're a very special woman that makes other women feel even more special. Keep spreading your passion and impacting lives all around the world.




28 years ago, I walked into Dr. Katina’s Wellspring Chiropractic office in my hometown of Duxbury, Massachusetts. I was 15 years old and entered  her gorgeous space thinking I was going to tell her what needed to be adjusted before my field hockey practice. I had been getting adjusted since I was 2 years old and clearly knew what an adjustment was supposed to be like and feel like. 

The moment I met Katina, I felt something was different.

After she was done adjusting me, I knew something was different.

It took me a few sessions to realize that my for the first time in my journey of getting adjusted, my bones weren’t just getting moved, my Soul was being set free. She quickly became my mentor, best friend, chiropractor,  and Soul-sister.

Katina guided me as I graduated and went to college and eventually to chiropractic school.

She taught me how to feel the geometry through movement and breath,  how to look to nature for answers, how to love myself, trust my hands, and set people free along the way. She has saved my life multiple times and over and over again along the way!

One day, I got an insight that more students and chiropractors needed to know how to adjust like our dear friend. 

And guess what, she was scared. Scared to put herself out there. Can you believe it? Our same friend who now does Facebook videos in her nightgown was scared. It took some convincing, but she finally said yes and I set up her first ever teaching gig while I was a student at Life West.  The rest is history...or herstory.

You are on this page, because you love her, are learning from her, or have heard that you must learn from her. Trust the Divine guidance that has led you here, and she will teach you to trust your hands. 


Since first working with Dr. Katina in 2018, my life has drastically changed for the better. I have more clarity in my ability to listen to what my clients are communicating directly and subtly, more confidence in analyzing what my client’s needs are in each session we have together, and trust in mySelf that I’m exactly where I need to be.

Dr. Katina has been an integral part of me becoming the Chiropractor I am today and words do not do justice in describing how grateful I am for Her. Training with Dr. Katina has been both a privilege and a blessing, and I encourage everyone to allow her to help you along your path of Mastery. I Love you Dr. Katina!!


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