For all levels of chiropractors, chiropractic students and bodyworker/healers, this is what you will learn:

  • Improve depth of connection

  • Learn mirroring to assist patients

  • Sense a new depth of palpation

  • Learn to use the body as a tool

  • Understand how the patient's body is a tool

  • Create the doctor/patient relationship

  • Play with wave dynamics as it pertains to the body

  • Align volumes of the body before and durning an adjustment

Learn to trust, the answer to these questions:

What am I/why did it draw me in?

What does it need?

Where does it want to go?

Upcoming Events

  • Dr. Katina's Multidimensional BGI Workshop
    Fri, Jun 18
    Dr. Katina's Multidimensional BGI Workshop
  • The Mile High Weekend 2021 Denver
    Thu, Sep 23
    Marriot Denver Westminster Hotel
  • Nicaragua Healing Yoga Retreat
    Sat, Sep 25
    Costa Dulce Surfside Community
    Come join me in a rich experience of nourishing ones inner wealth of health. TRAIN & get ADJUSTED with playful exploration of BGI. Deepen your understanding of tonal and structural geometric connectedness of the body, mind, and spirit.


"Her understanding of the sacred geometry and experience applying dynamic forces is unparalleled. Having learned from Dr. Katina through various avenues, at playshops, at BGI seminars and in witnessing her magic in practice, my own practice has been expanded."
Dr. Molly Stien