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Learn to trust, the answer to these questions:

What am I/why did it draw me in?

What does it need?

Where does it want to go?

For all levels of chiropractors, chiropractic students and bodyworker/healers, this is what you will learn:

  • Improve depth of connection

  • Learn mirroring to assist patients

  • Sense a new depth of palpation

  • Learn to use the body as a tool

  • Understand how the patient's body is a tool

  • Create the doctor/patient relationship

  • Play with wave dynamics as it pertains to the body

  • Align volumes of the body before and durning an adjustment


September 21st thru 24th, 2023


Mile High Chiro

The Mile High Weekend is an annual event that brings together chiropractors and their teams from all over the world to learn more about the philosophy, art, science, and business of Chiropractic. Much effort is being made constantly to steer Chiropractic away from the time-tested basics of the profession. Mile High is a gathering of doctors who wish to transform the integrity of Chiropractic back to its former stature and make a larger impact on their practices, their communities and the Chiropractic profession.

Mile High gives you the opportunity to hear more than 25 fabulous speakers, meet chiropractic teams from all over the world and enjoy an amazing time in the Colorado Rocky Mountain summer.


To Register/Cost:

November 11th thru 13th, 2023


Katina Immersive Weekend

For all levels of chiropractors and chiropractic students.  Improve the depth of your connection and play with wave dynamics.  Connect and have fun mastering the concepts of tone.  Allign the volumes of the body before and during an adjustment.  Join the field of exploring your osseous adjusting skills.


What you will learn:

1. Trust your hands - learning to explore global and local myofasical, postural and osseous patterns and addreees them.


2. Listen to the body's tones - calibrating light and deep touch.


3. Osseous adjusting  address comming musculoskeletal conditions through chiropractic approach. 


To Register/Cost:

Spots are limited.  Reach out to Megan Schweitzer (920) 277-2843 for more information.  Price for the entire weekend is $300.

Venmo: Megan-Schwitzer-2

Friday 11/17 - Check in 1:00-4:00PM

Sunday 11/19 - Check out 12:00PM

Location: Rocking Jay Ranch, Pierson Florida

December 6th thru 8th, 2023


The Ultimate Midweek Retreat

Immerse yourself in the ultimate healing experience where you can reconnect with your inner wisdom and uplift your life.

Located at boutique vineyard - Tatler Wines, Pokolbin, The Ultimate Midweek provides a safe and supportive environment to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and transformation. Facilitated by Drs. Therese Perdedjian and Katina Manning - Chiropractors, the two women will guide you to walk through releasing emotional and physical tension and create inner growth and transformation.

Whether you're looking to restore your energy, gain clarity and focus, or simply treat yourself to a well-deserved break, our healing self care retreat will leave you feeling refreshed, renewed, empowered, rejuvenated and relaxed.

To Register/Cost:


JULY 2023

Marietta, Georgia USA

Dynamic Integration

A Hands-On Workshop that Ignites the Healer Within

JUNE 2023

Fairview, NC USA

MAY 2023

Sydney, Australia

MARCH 2023

Playa Escameca, Nicaragua


Port Orange, FL, USA

Touching for Dummies

For Parents, Grandparents, Caregivers, Healing Professionals

Manual Adjusting Seminar

Presented by Dr. Katina Manning (USA) and Dr. Therese Perdedjian (Aus)

Dr. Katina's Chiro and Wellness Retreat

Multidimensional Osseous Workshop

For Parents, Grandparents, Caregivers, Healing Professionals


Marietta, GA, USA

Dynamic Integration

For Parents, Grandparents, Caregivers, Healing Professionals


Costa Dulce, Nicaragua

"Her understanding of the sacred geometry and experience applying dynamic forces is unparalleled. Having learned from Dr. Katina through various avenues, at playshops, at BGI seminars and in witnessing her magic in practice, my own practice has been expanded."
Dr. Molly Stien
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